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Harbor Derivatives offers derivative consulting advice and hedging services to corporate borrowers. Our firm brings 25 years of experience in the interest rate derivatives market with trading, analysis, marketing, and consulting experience.

We provide advice and guidance through the entire hedging process allowing borrowers to take advantage of the benefits of the derivatives market knowing that an experienced and competent firm is on your side looking out for your interests.

We eliminate the time and expense of working on the interest rate hedging process, we reduce interest rate risk for borrowers and most importantly we reduce expenses.

We work closely with mortgage investment bankers and mortgage brokers to serve the hedging needs of their clients.

We also coordinate efforts with law firms and accounting agencies to serve their client’s hedging needs.

Harbor Derivatives provides the following services:

  • Hedging Strategy
  • Market Insight
  • Risk Analysis
  • Timely, Consistent Updates and Responses to Your Needs
  • Rate and Pricing Negotiation
  • Trade Execution
  • FASB and GASB Reporting and Mid-market Valuations
  • White Papers on Pertinent Derivate Hedging Topics
  • Weekly Rate Updates, Monthly Libor Futures, and a Quarterly Newsletter
  • Document negotiation and coordination for ISDA and Dodd Frank requirements.

We are proud to work with...

Real Estate Developers, Manufacturers, Corporate Borrowers,

Private Equity Firms, and REITS.

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